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I am not famous. My neighbors hardly know me although I'm quite a nice guy who waves at them on a regular basis when I'm backing up in my driveway or mowing my lawn. I got a hold of a camera one day, started taking and posting pictures online and for some reason, people loved them. I started taking pictures regularly since then, got published, got some praises from friends and got paid a little. It was exciting.

I'm quite humble but since you may be doing business with me, it helps that you know a little bit about me. I am not a photographer by profession. It hardly pays for gas. I have a regular job that pays the bills. I just freelance and hopefully you'll like my work enough to buy them or hire my services.

Contacting Me

Best way to contact me is through my Contact page (link to your left) or follow me at any or all of my social media accounts (links to your left too).


Name: Rolour Garcia 

Gender: Male

Status: Married with 2 daughters

Place of Residence: Lake in the Hills, IL

Hometown: Philippines

High School: Antique National School (Philippines)

College: West Visayas State University (Philippines), BS in Biological Sciences

Post-Graduate: West Visayas State University (Philippines), Doctor of Medicine

Current Profession: IT (Telecommunications) professional

Quite of a switch in careers, eh? Short story but not so interesting to include here.


Getty Images, Inc. (Contributor)

Chicago Photo Shop. My watering hole for photography stuff.

Various Facebook groups which doesn't mean a thing. Really.


I don't flaunt my gear. They don't take the pictures. I do. This I'd tell you when you're looking for a photographer - look at his portfolio, not his camera.


I sell pictures here.  That's about the extent of it although I am available for photographing events when you're in a tight budget. You'll still get professionally taken photos (however you define 'professional')  but at amateur prices (in other words, I'm cheap). Contact me for specific details. My rate starts at $175 an hour. That's negotiable depending on the event and your budget.

No Weddings

I do events (birthdays, conferences, corporate, etc.) but not weddings. Not that I don't like them, I just know a lot more photographers who can do a better job than me. They're the best as far as I'm concerned and they charge high too. It's your wedding day, don't skimp on the expense. I'll refer you to people who do weddings for a living.


My images are available for licensing, publication, commercial use, and the like. Rates are as follows:

Single-use (publication, print and online) - $200

Unlimited Use (Royalty-free) - $350-$500

The prices above are for full-resolution images. Special prices are available for lower resolution images.

For details, please contact me. 


You can use my pictures for free for blogs, Facebook, and anything that has no commercial value as long as I get proper credit. Maximum size I'll give out is 1024 px at the longest side. Just contact me.


My images are all copyrighted. Using them without permission (signed release), is prohibited. Some of my images are licensed by Getty Images. They have lawyers that I can't otherwise afford. Don't get yourself in trouble. Stealing is against the law.

My Family

My family is the main reason I picked up my first camera. I had to document my girls growing up and my wife needs pictures constantly for her Facebook page. Here I am with my family. They love me and my work, so that's cute...

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